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Robert Lee Molton
Re: Guitar Speed Picking Training

Dear Fellow Guitarist,

Are you tired of watching other guitarists succeed with fast, clean, picking but not you, even though you've put in tons of hard work and effort?

Have all the books, magazines, tablature, and lessons you've bought let you down every single time, only to leave you more confused and frustrated?

Do you feel that there has to be a better way to improve your speed and accuracy, rather than continuing this vicious cycle of dead end results?

Are you finally ready to be truly informed about what it takes to develop fast clean guitar playing skills?

If you've answered yes, then I know this very next page is the page you've been waiting for. Finally, the curtain will be parted and you'll truly see the methods and techniques used to develop complete control over your picking.

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Disclaimer: I can't beheld responsible for any action or non-action that is taken by the purchaser of this product to succeed with their guitar playing. Any and all progress made varies from individual to individual and is based upon the commitment made to put the techniques and methods to use. Practice, patience, and tenacity is required to get the best results from your guitar playing. If you put these techniques and methods to use you will be in the best positon to succeed!

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